Homework Agreement Template

As a parent or a teacher, you know how important homework is for the academic success of a child. But, getting the child to complete their homework can be quite a challenge. The solution? A homework agreement template.

What is a homework agreement template?

A homework agreement template is a document that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties involved in the homework process – the student and the parent or teacher. It is a form of contract that helps to manage the homework workload and create a structured routine for the student.

Why use a homework agreement template?

Using a homework agreement template has several benefits. It helps to:

1. Set clear expectations – The template outlines the expectations of both parties, making it clear what is expected of the student and the parent or teacher.

2. Establish a routine – The agreement creates a structure that the student can follow, making it easier for them to complete their homework.

3. Promote accountability – By signing the agreement, both parties are committing to their responsibilities, which promotes accountability.

4. Reduce stress – With clear expectations and a routine in place, there is less stress for both the student and the parent or teacher.

What should be included in a homework agreement template?

Your homework agreement template should include the following elements:

1. Homework expectations – A list of the types of homework that will be assigned and the amount of time that should be spent on each.

2. Homework schedule – This outlines when homework will be completed, and how long it should take.

3. Consequences – It is important to outline the consequences for failing to meet the expectations outlined in the agreement.

4. Signature line – Both parties should sign the agreement to show their commitment and accountability.


A homework agreement template can be an excellent tool to help streamline the homework process and create structure for the student. With clear expectations and a routine in place, there is less stress and more success. Use this template to create your own agreement and enjoy the benefits of a more organized approach to homework.

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